Local Partners

Logo Uguzon Fromager


En Neuvice 36, 4000 Liège

Uguzon focuses on natural and local products, a return to simple things with priority for raw milk cheeses.

We offer cheeses made according to traditional, artisanal and farmer know-how. We thus wish to highlight producers, artisans, players in a chain of quality. Our aims: select authentic products, make you (re) discover forgotten flavors, share the true taste of good things.

1,1 km away

Logo Curtius

Brasserie C

Impasse des Ursulines, 4000 Liège

Brasserie {C} is a craft brewery located in the historic centre of Liège.
Since 2012, Brasserie {C} has been brewing generous and uncompromising beers with passion. Its local approach covers the production and distribution of its beers. The fruit of partnerships with farmers, the malts and hops used are produced mainly in the Liège region.

Consumption is also resolutely local since more than 65% of production is consumed in the province of Liège.

In 2020, Brasserie {C} acquired a new brewing unit in the Coronmeuse district a few hundred meters from La Liniere..

1,1 km away

Logo La Linière

Boulangerie Jean Pierre

Rue Saint-Gangulphe 13, 4000 Liège

Founded in 1930, Maison Jeanpierre is a story of family and passion. The fourth generation continues to practice ancestral methods, guaranteeing taste. Jeanpierre breads and pastries are made from natural and environmentally friendly products.

1,5 km away

Logo J. Camus

J Camus

Rue Montgomery 18, 4030 Grivegnée

A specialist in Spanish products, Juan Camus offers a quality selection. Cold meats and olive oil are among the products selected for the La Liniere menu, especially on our aperitif boards.

3,7 km away

Logo Lesage Prestige


Lesage are passionate, committed professionals who love their profession and their products. A piece of meat is like a good bottle of wine: each one is unique.

A well-chosen breed is essential, but many other factors come into play: the soil, the diet, the environment, the stress level, the care taken by the breeder … And later the maturation of the meat.
Through our selection of meats, we will never cease to surprise you.

Unfortunately, only serving catering professionals.